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Chris Cornell Hamburg concert review (Higher Truth tour 02.04.2016)

Living in a main city, I would never drive 600km to go to a concert. But in this case, I had a hunch that Chris Cornell's acoustic tour would be something worth it. I was right!

As it seems, all the venues for this tour are awesome. This wasn't different. Big enough for a decent crowd but at the same time everybody had an intimate experience.

I've seen Chris around 6 times with Soundgarden, Audioslave and with his solo project. This was the best by far. I'm really happy to see that he grow in many senses and brought his artistry to new levels.

The greatest difference was that it was certainly an extremely personal and close experience. You really go out feeling that you've been hanging around in a friend's jam. He definitely talked a lot! and I loved that. Now a days we see a lot of prepared shows, circus like, with all this futuristic lights and different tricks to grab people's attention. This was in that sense very different. It was based in good music, and honest comments.

As I said I loved his comments. I've seen a lot of interviews with him and always seem to be quite an introverted guy, not shy at all, but he didn't seem to enjoy exposing his personal side. After this concert I got the sensation that I met the person behind the music. That was probably the nicest surprise of the evening.

Right after the first song, he strongly criticized the music industry with sense of humor and  commentaries like that the music industry is cheating you and musicians keeping all the money for themselves. He made fun of music stars pretending to be rich but that the car is rented or belongs to the record company. As a musician myself, I applaud that a person in his position, having seen it all, expose the truth about that. (thumbs up for all independent musicians fighting out there!)

He also said that he didn't understand why people research other planets looking for other civilizations while we have Donald Trump, he said that is is weirder than an alien. He even made some funny gesture to imitate his toupee while laughing.

The funniest moment in the concert was when someone in the crowd screamed "Future Right"(?), and Chris asked to say it again, but that seemed to be what the guy said and made up an improvised song with that as lyrics. It was really inspired and funny.

There was a lot of great stories about his music career that didn't seem to be prepared (I checked other concert reviews).

He mentioned how nervous he was once having Robert Plant watching one of his concerts.

Also that nobody congratulated him by the lyrics of Rusty Cage until Johnny Cash made his cover.

I loved the story of how he composed Black Hole Sun at 2am while driving back from the studio inspired in a nightmare with crocodiles and ABBA's music.

He carried the story telling of the concert incredibly well. I really appreciate and value his new entertainer side. The two and a half hours went really fast!

Musically, he was better as expected compared to the last Soundgarden concert I attended. Something that was outstanding is how naturally he was performing. He made mistakes, actually quite a few, but he reacted very naturally, as if he would be playing in front of a few friends for fun. He wasn't trying hard to make a perfect show or to prove anything.

For me as a musician that was quite a masterclass in allowing yourself to make mistakes, life is not perfect outside Hollywood! Actually this few off pitch notes and wrong chords may have sound like a mistake performing in the Oscars, but here they were an important ingredient of this "uncle Chris playing by the fire" feeling. The mistakes ironically made the show perfect.

He even started playing Can't change me with the capo in the wrong fret, and he just moved it as if it was a rehearsal, like the most natural thing in the world.

Now I have this emotional hangover of a great concert. Missing him someway. This concert was a huge inspiration for me. So much that even I'm a recording artist, I'm really feeling to start touring again only thanks to this concert. The speechless power of great music.


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